Sunday, July 7, 2013

Life Guard's Getting Drunk

What Would You Do? Life Guards Drinking

 This scene of "What Would You Do" takes place on the beach in Jersey Shore's where Snookie hangs out. Two life guards go into the local Bar by the name of Jimbo's that's right on the Boardwalk and decide to knock down a few shots before their shift starts. O.K. maybe more like a half a dozen shots each, and too the point they start getting loud enough for the entire bar to hear their conversation. They yell out "give us one more round before we got to get back to work" which gets mixed emotions from the other patrons.

One Lady in particular seems fixated on the two drunk lifeguards and cant seem to take her eyes off them. She then says "Thank God I cant swim" which gets the attention of one of the drunk lifeguards that replies "I hope your not going swimming today". She says she is never going swimming ever after what she has just witnessed.

The Lifeguards now plastered, get up to leave because it's time for them to go to work and try to save lives. One of them hands his walkie-talkie to her as he's stumbling out the door. This is when John Quinones makes his presence, but on the other end of the of the walkie talkie playing the police patrol. He asks "where are the lifeguards"? Which she responds "They was getting drunk and they left". She had no problems turning them until Quinones asks her "What Would You Do?" She is stunned and said "What did I do" as if she thinks she is now somehow in trouble. John then announces his real name and that he's from the Show "What Would You Do" which all 4 Lady's sitting at the table instantly recognize.

The next few scenes are quite a bit more serious especially when a Family of 5 is sitting next to the lifeguards. The Mom takes a picture and thinking about texting it to 911. Hm, can you really do that?
Another Girl stands up to them and somehow tries to reason with a couple drunks that they have no business being lifeguards trained to save lives when they have been drinking.

What Would "YOU" Do If You Witnessed Lifeguards Getting Drunk Before Work?

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Food Stamp Card with No Money

What Would You Do? Food Stamps Scenario

helping Lady Pay For Groceries
What Would You Do if someone on Food Stamps
was out of money?
 Have you ever gone to the grocery store completely dependant on some sort of credit card, bankcard or food stamps only to discover you do not have enough to pay for your groceries? I have and yes it was more then a little embarrassing. Fortunately I also had a backup card to complete the purchase, but never the less it's like I felt every set of eyes in the store looking at me. It was a very humbling experience to say the least, but what if didn't have any other way to pay for my groceries? What if I was a mother of 4 young children and I really did need the food so my family could eat that day but the food stamp card was denied? What would you REALLY do?

This episode of "What Would You Do" sets up this exact scenario to see what people would do if they were confronted with this situation. A well kept lady with 4 kids that is also receiving food stamps to help keep food on the table. It's not surprising that many folks did step up and help the young actress pay her grocery bill and one man even takes out all the cash he had, keeps enough to pay his own grocery bill, and hands the majority of the money to her.

Food Stamp Snob Enters "What Would You Do Show?"

 It appears most people who can afford it did step up and help the young mother pay for her groceries. But what if another customer tries to make a scene and cut her down for being on food stamps in the first place? Would it be enough to tame the others from speaking up and still help her out of this situation?

 A Lady standing behind the actress is so busy talking on her phone you would swear she wasn't even paying attention until the lady on food stamps starts putting back things she desperately needs. Without hesitation she steps in and says "Oh don't worry about it, I'll take care of it". This is when another actor on the "What Would You Do Show" who is getting tired of waiting says " That's doesn't help these people, it really doesn't".

WHAT? Well if he was looking for a reaction from someone trying to do their good deed for the day he sure got one. The generous customer wastes no time in tearing right in to him saying "is it your money or is it my money"? She then proceeds to tear into him and make a big scene and turn the tables to embarrass him. It worked and left him speechless before John Ouinones makes his famous appearance which she instantly recognizes him.

The Moral of the Story: Do On To Other's as You Would Want Them To Do To Onto You!

What Would You Do Lottery Ticket

Lottery Ticket Scam on "What Would You Do"?

Store clerk Steals Winning Lottery ticket from customers
Store Clerk Steals Winning Lottery Tickets on
"What Would You Do TV Show"
 This Scenario of What Would You Do involves a convenience store clerk  that is pocketing winning lottery tickets after convincing the customers that they are not winners. This kind of stuff really does happen so the next time you hand over a potential winning lottery ticket to a store clerk, you might want to keep this scenario in mind and how easy it would be to rip you off.

The Show starts out with the actress portraying a customer walking into the store and asks the clerk to check her lottery ticket while she picks up a few item's out of his view. They start out with a $20 winning scratch ticket and SOB if none of the real customers speak up even though they just witnessed the clerk stick it in his back pocket. Maybe $20 bucks is not worth making a scene over even though they just witnessed a crime, so the producers of What Would You Do replace it with a $290 winning lottery ticket and still the same results, no one turns in the dirty store clerk.

Until Finally, finally one little Lady speaks up with a big voice and tells the actress that her winning ticket is in the clerks back pocket. When he denies it, she really heats up and calls him every name in the book. Good For Her for standing up and confronting this jerk (I know he's just an actor and he played his part good) and then cusses him out as she makes her way out of this crooked store. That's when John Quenones comes walking in with all the hidden cameras. She is more then willing to rat the store clerk out not realising that she is the Star of the Show.

They then start their little charade when more customers are in the store which equals more witnesses watching the store clerk steal the winning lottery ticket. It usually only takes one person to be the first to speak up which can unite a group of strangers to act as one, and this was no different. The clerk started getting called out time and time again as good citizens stepped up and did the right thing. They even had a rather large man who was an ex-police officer witness this lottery crime and looked like he was going to jump over the counter and get the ticket back himself.

What Would You Do If YOU Could Split The Winning Lottery Ticket?

Now here's an interesting scenario on what people would do if they could share the winnings. Would they be willing to go along with the scam if they get half the money for keeping quiet? Sure enough it was not hard to find willing participants to go along with it and actually flat out lie when confronted. But to some honest folks this was never an option. No amount of money is worth stealing to obtain it.

One couple cant believe they are being asked to participate in this crime, while another man is about ready to beat the ticket right out of the clerk before deciding to call the cops and let them handle it instead.

When you think nobody is watching is when your True Character Always Comes Out!

What Would You Do T.V. Show

What Would You Do on T.V.

Favorite Scenario's From the AB Hit Show
John Quinones Host of the Primetime ABC Show
What Would You Do TV Show
  The TV Show "What Would You Do" first appeared on ABC in the 2007-2008 Season with rave reviews that topped the ratings at 8 million viewers. The show takes actors and actresses and puts them in real life situations that are questionable in nature in some and down right illegal (if the scene was not staged) in others. John Quiuone's is the Host of What Would You Do that gets a front row seat in seeing exactly how the general public will react when confronted with a host of different scenario's.

The majority of scenarios seen on WhatWouldYouDo are centered around 6 different scenes including Teens in Trouble, Racism, Homophobia, Weight Issues, Elderly Abuse and Parenting. All the subject's are touchy and usually spark's a reaction in most people when confronted head on. Only this time Quiuone is hiding nearby with a T.V. Crew using hidden cameras catching your every move. Some of these scene's have been very memorable which almost seemed to get stuck in my brain. What Would "I" Do? That's the real question and the main reason this show has become such a Hit.

The purpose of this Blog is to go back and find the "classic episodes", the ones that really hit a nerve with me. The scenes that just by watching that particular scenario on the show, changed how I would most likely react in a real situation. The next time you do encounter a questionable scene while in public, you might what to think twice on how you handle the situation because you just might become a Star on the What Would You Do T.V. Show.

I can't be the only one that has an opinion on some of these scenario's seen on the show. Hopefully enough people will find this blog and will take the time to comment on what you would would do if you encountered that particular situation. Would you decide it's none of your business or would you speak-up and give them a piece of your mind.

Do you have a Favorite Scenario on What Would You Do TV Show that you would like to see covered here? Leave me a comment below and I'll look ino it.